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We Were All To Be Queens

a film by Ana Catalá / 2018 / 24'


camera Ana Catalá

sound Timothy Justin

editor Ginés Olivares

We were all to be queens is an autoethnographic trip back and forth past and present, through the vhs home videos of the filmmaker’s childhood. The film questions the social and cultural structures that women are put through from a very young age to become the perfect woman, exploring the tradition of the fallas us their ultimate objectification.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 20.05.58.png

Montreal World Film Festival | Seminci, Spain  |  Gijón Film Festival, Spain  |  MakeDox Creative Documentary Film Festival in Skopje, Makedonia  |  ETNOFILM, Serbia  |  ICEDOCS, Iceland  | EDOCS, Encuentros del otro cine, Ecuador  |  IBAFF, Festival Internacional de Cine de la ciudad de Murcia | Docs Valencia

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