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Moving Mountains Films

Moving Mountains films is an independent film Production Company based in Berlin, hence with a worldwide perspective. We produce creative films for Art-house Cinema and TV, developing engaging visual narratives with strong social and ethnographic connotations. Our films are characterized by a distinct authorial imprint and have been shown at renowned international festivals such as CPH:DOX, Hot Docs, Thessaloniki Film Festival, among others. In addition to self-produced films, we support projects of other independent filmmakers in the final stages of post-production and distribution. 


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about us


Ana Catalá

Ana Catalá is a multifaceted producer, filmmaker and curator working between New York and Berlin. She holds a master in Visual and Media Anthropology from the Freie Universität Berlin. Her career as a producer began with credits, including Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer and Joe Wright's Hanna, but her passion for auteur cinema soon led her to co-found Berlin-based Moving Mountains Films. After a filmmaker's residency at the Tribeca Film Institute in 2018, she worked as content producer and programmer for the legendary institution before its closure, as well as a commissioning editor and producer for BBC Reel, the BBC's short documentaries' destination. Currently, she continues productions at Moving Mountains Films while curating the BBC's LongShots Film Festival, programming for Reykjavik International Film Festival and Cinema Jove and consulting documentaries for the Tribeca International Film Festival. 


Stefano Obino

Stefano Obino is a screenwriter and filmmaker known for his adeptness across various formats, from independent films to docu-series. His debut feature, "The Gospel According to Precario," struck a chord with Italian audiences, setting the stage for a series of successful collaborations with international networks. Notably, Obino directed "Nel paese dei Coppoloni" alongside renowned Italian folk singer Vinicio Capossela, a finalist at the David di Donatello Awards. His portfolio also includes three documentary series for Rai Italia. Transitioning from a journalistic approach, Obino has ventured into more creatively engaging formats, as evidenced by his award-winning documentary "War Is Over," awarded at the Nastri d'Argento 2022 - National Italian Critics Award. Obino is deeply involved as a developer, story editor, and screenwriter for TV series projects spanning both fictional and documentary genres. Among his upcoming works is "LottoGang," a production collaboration between Wild Bunch Italy and Netflix.

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