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Films in development


a film by Roser Corella

In a small village in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, where conservative traditions don't allow women to enjoy their free time, Gazi organises a football tournament for the women of the village on the occasion of her mother's birthday. Women of all ages are encouraged to participate! As they have no experience in football, they start training on the outskirts of the village, away from the gaze of the men, who are not invited to the tournament.

Azira Project Still 01_edited.jpg
When Women Play still_edited.jpg


a film by Ana Catalá

Using her smartphone camera, a young woman invites us into her world and her life in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime. Her name is Aziza. She refuses to surrender under the shadow of the gender-apartheid ideology that grows darker by the day as it spreads across the country.


a film by Stefano Obino

 17 new superheroes are born in the Syrian Refugee Camp in Iraqi Kurdistan! They have unexpected superpowers: they build schools, houses, and paved roads, distribute love in people's hearts, and fly with butterfly wings to bring Domiz 1's children to visit their fathers, who have left in search of work to rich Europe. They will then show their superheroes on the streets of Domiz 1, with the incredulous eyes of the community around them, waiting for the magic to happen.

Because, after all, if you believe it, you will see it! 

Love Letters.jpeg


a film by Ana Catalá

How a war prisoner smuggled 300 love letters before execution?

Before being executed by Franco’s fascist army in 1939, José Peiró Calabuig managed to smuggle 300 love letters out of jail for his wife. This is the story of how he dedicated the last years of his life to documenting his thoughts and feelings in the middle of the most tragic time in modern Spanish history.

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