Bye Bye Baby

a film by julia boxler

Bye bye baby invites to an adventurous journey in kazakhstan. this documental essay tells an autobiographical story on the comeback of the protagonist in her country of birth – 18 years after the migration of the russian german family. Looking with the protagonist for her blurry post-soviet childhood memories, you can experience the country’s past as a subjective reflection of the present. It is a humorous experimental road movie, which dedicates itself not so much to nostalgia but rather discovers the now of this unknown country and explores contemporary concepts of self-identification. Bye bye baby and its characters take us to post-soviet cities, utopian space-age capital architecture, bumpy car trips in the steppe, long melancholic train rides and mystic altai mountains and reveal the construction of memories, identities and cultural history.


Bye Bye Baby was selected for the East Silver Market at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2018 in October and held it's national premiere at the Clique.Doc Festival (Central Asia Documentary Competition) on December 9th 2018 in Almaty/Kazakhstan. It got preselected by various film festivals and was also shown at the Festival of Russia Germans Culture 2019 in Düsseldorf. The last screening took place during the Red Square Festival Berlin 2020. An upcoming screening will take place in April/May 2021 as part of an art show at Pik Deutz art space in Cologne.